Why Strikeco

Why E2W?


It reduces carbon footprints.



It can be recharged anywhere.

Zero Sound Pollution

Experience the perfect drive In Silence.


Smart key/ Keyless

It has a start and stop button.


Parking mode is on when side stand is on.


What Makes Strikeco different from Other EVs?

  1. Affordable; Runs without fuel. With a mileage of 80- 100+ KMs in different variants makes the option more Pocket Friendly.
  2. Eco-friendly; with zero emission drive, helps you to love back the nature.
  3. Silent ride;  the perfect drive is silence not only makes the ride peaceful but also crubs the unnecessary noise pollution.
  4. Variety; is the spice of life. Available in 3 coolest models, Strikeco offers you to choose what suits your style.
  5. Replaceable Batteries; Battery comes with a warranty and can be easily replaces when needed at your nearest dealerships.