5 Best features of Electric Scooters that help every individual

  • November 25, 2022

A need-based evolution in the mobility industry gave birth to nature-friendly vehicles. We as a society are adapting and must step forward to adopt e-vehicles. Electric vehicles are much better than conventional vehicles in varied aspects. Every automobile brand is planning to launch their electric scooters  sooner or later. Moreover, the latest electric scooters on the market are equipped with all the advanced functionalities and features. 

 An advanced electric scooter manufacturer strives to fulfil all your mobility requirements perfectly.  The manufacturers look forward to providing multiple models that are designed to be budget-friendly e-scooters. Strikeco is one such manufacturer successfully leading the electric vehicle market.

 These e-scooters manufactured with numerous updated features to make them, the perfect vehicle for today & tomorrow. 


What are the features of electric scooter that make your ride smooth?

Some prime features which play a vital role in the scooter's performance and customer convenience. 


  1. Environmental Friendly

As electric scooters are operated through a battery thus there is no margin of emissions. The smoke-free operation of e-scooter makes them a preference for many buyers. No fuel combustion and no carbon emission are the USPs of electric vehicles. 

Along with no smoke emission, e-scooters start and operate with low or zero noise. 

The scooters it makes are pollution-free vehicles that fit well to be adapted over fuel-based vehicles. 


  1. One-touch Reverse Assistance

Reverse assistance, an innovative feature of e-scooter. It enables you to move your e-bike in a reverse direction smoothly with no assistance. This feature serves well in a crowded area to drive effectively. Reverse assistance also enables riders to access the convenience of parking. 


  1. Cost-effective

The continuous hike in the price of fuel is alarming for consumers. Electric scooters are operated by a battery that can be recharged on a routine basis. Rechargeable batteries are more efficient and affordable than fuels, thus making them a better option for riders.


  1. Multiple Driving Modes

Electric scooters are equipped with different driving modes viz. Eco, City & Pro permit different driving speeds. The different driving modes can be used as per the availability of space, the mood of driving, convenience, and the requirement of the rider. And for the comfort of the riders, manufacturers equip the vehicle with swift mode-changing features.


  1. Sleek Design

The compact & lightweight design of the electric scooter gives the rider a comfortable driving  experience. Good storage space and a stylish look, more weight-carrying capacity, and wider footrest space make electric scooter a more appealing option.



Strikeco, an electric scooter manufacturer in M.P. offers trendy e-scooters to its customers at an affordable price. It offers a great range of electric scooters in M.P. for its demographically versatile clientele.Strikeco offers four stunning models, namely - Volt, SprintE, Verv, and Cresta.  (we can add link for different model website page)

 Strikeco possesses all the features that make it the best among its competitors.  The comfortable design of Strikeco make it a spacious, stylish, and smart scooter. Every article from the Strikeco store is unique in itself. It comprises all the above-discussed features to give you a classy clean energy vehicle.


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