Our Story

Who We Are

Striking a passion for riding an electric vehicle.

Strikeco is a personification of dreams - educating and strategically advancing India in the sector of electric vehicle mobility. With the vision of creating a smart and reliable electric vehicle and striving for sustainable development.

The architects behind this project envisioned people riding the best-in-class electric vehicle. Giving the riders a sense of riding a smart, reliable, convenient electric vehicle. From incorporating the world-class features to ensuring that the product prevents environmental damage, meets environmental standards, and promotes economic sustainability.

Our mission is to establish ourselves as the leading manufacturers of electric vehicles. Complying with the evolving statures, norms and manufacturing the vehicles with sleek designs, revolutionary features, power saving calculator, and providing an eco-friendly transportation mode suitable even for long journeys.

How we began?

Strikeco was conceived with a vision of revolutioninsing the present-day mobility industry. We aimed at introducing smart electric vehicles with an opinion of providing a safe-travel option to the riders.

This idea was first triggered after studying the drastic escalation in environmental concerns and rising levels of pollution and ever-incresing fuel prices. Subsequently leading us to our mission of manufacturing and delivering a 100% clean energy solution into the market within the affordable pricing brackets.

With our excellent team of diligent technicians and industry experts, we strive to penetrate the electric vehicle market with our three striking products - Sprint, Verv, and Volt. We aim to break the stereotypes of present-day mobility and deliver world-class and environmentally safe riding experience to our every customer.

Why E2W?


It reduces carbon footprints.



It can be recharged anywhere.

Zero Sound Pollution

Experience the perfect drive In Silence.


Smart key/ Keyless

It has a start and stop button.


Parking mode is on when side stand is on.