7 Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Scooter

  • August 25, 2022

7 Things To Consider Before Buying An Electric Scooter


Electric scooter or electric vehicle is today's demand and future trend in the country and the world. The Indian government is focusing on and preparing the folk for the use of e-bikes or e-car due to the crisis arising day by day in the sector of petroleum and  environmental issues.


Strikeco is a trustworthy E-scooter manufacturer based in Madhya Pradesh   providing  a good range of affordable electric scooters to its customers and capturing the market of E-bike day by day with appreciable services to the end-users.



If you are willing to buy an e-scooter then you must have to consider a few parameters in your mind that guide you to pick the best Indian electric scooter.


Here we conclude for you the 7 parameters you must keep in mind whenever you are  deciding upon buying  an e-scooter:


1.  Looks

The  look of the vehicle is the first feature that marks an impression on you prior to its other main features.  An aesthetic look of a vehicle not only improves your confidence while driving but also  makes you stand apart in crowd


2. Seating and Storage Space

Comfortable seating is one of the major deciding factor for any buyer. It has to be  to be considered especially when you are buying it for the purpose of marketing or delivering different items.  Strikeco offers you electric scooters with decent seating and under booth storage space that are best to be used on busy roads for a swift and efficient  drive.


3. Load Capacity

A vehicle must be capable of bearing a  decent  load either in terms of persons traveling on it or any luggage kept on the vehicle for transport.

Along with the load-bearing capacity, the weight of the vehicle plays a vital role in maintaining the balance of the vehicle during a ride. Strikeco offers a wide range of models with different weights and load bearing capacity.


4. Battery

The battery is the heart of any electric vehicle  as the performance of a vehicle completely depends on the quality of the battery. 


Today market is loaded with multiple batter options. The most popular ones are Lead acid, and Lithium Ion.  E-scooters  equipped with a lithium battery offers  quick charging within 4-6 Hrs and lead acid takes 6-8 hrs to full charge.  Strikeco offers all the models in both the batteries and one must choose wisely according to the need.

5.  Range

Range or mileage refers to number of Kms run in one complete charge. 

 E-scooters are available in the market having a wide  range of 50 to 200km on a single charge. This range is offered by the subsequent power of battery and Watt of the motor installed. The battery and moter reflects on the price of the product. The customer must decide upon the range by carefully understanding the average daily Kms run and motor installed.



7. Display Meter


E-scooter perfomance and status is refelceted on the display meter. The driver gets crucial details like  speed, mode, battery status,  and  other functioning parameters on the top display. These are essential for a smooth and safe drive. Strikeco offers 7” bright illuminated LCD display with Features like bluetooth connectivity for music control and accept or reject calls. Electric vehicle  is really a deal of profit in today's time as it proved to be an economic vehicle.

The Indian government is also providing an exemption on tax, under section 80EEB, to the person paying the interest of the loan taken up for purchasing of E-scooter.



Strikeco is offering the Electric scooters in Madhya Pradesh with all the best-in-class  features at the best prices and also serves its customers with good post sales services.