Electric Scooter vs Petrol Scooter: Key Benefits For You And India At Large

  • April 26, 2022

New Normal life has begun with the most expected and unanticipated aspects for middle-class families. Among, one of the most common factors of discussion or to chase the number is the hike in petrol prices. Yes, whether it is the newspaper or an app on your mobile phone, the one thing that disappoints you is the regular increase in the petrol price. At the point where the common man is hoping for some relaxation in petrol prices, the automotive sector of India has come up with brilliant innovation and launched an option to run on the road i.e. electric vehicles.

Electric Vehicles in the Indian market were valued at USD 1,434.04 billion in 2021 and it is forecasted to reach USD 15,397.19 billion by 2027 (Forecasted Period:2022-2027, Source - MordorIntelligence). That directly shows registering a CAGR of 47.09%. These numbers are not only on paper, but you can check the growth rate just by witnessing the running e-scooters on the road. You can observe the ways electric scooters are heading on the road with updated technology, attractive designs, affordable rates, and eco-friendly nature.

Leading automobile companies are investing a major amount in research and launching of electric vehicles to mark their presence in the market while established players have already introduced the new models. While on the other side, the consumers are still in dilemma to figure out the best between the electric scooter or petrol scooter. So, let’s discuss its key benefits for you and India at large

  1. A Pocket-Friendly Buy - Electric Scooters are available at an affordable cost in comparison to petrol vehicles. Not only initial cost but also the cost of operation of electric vehicles is surprisingly low. You can run upto 100+ Kms in approximately Rs 42.0/-.  Leading companies are launching Electric Scooters in Madhya Pradesh and other parts of the country offering high-quality batteries with warranty.
  2. Enjoy Zero or Low Maintenance: Electric scooters have a completely electric circuit with just a motor and controller at the core and hence require low maintenance. The only part that needs a replacement is the battery that comes along with the warranty depending on the type of battery (lead-acid/lithium-ion), brand, and the company you choose.
  3. Helps you To be Eco-Friendly - India is reported as the fifth most polluted country in the world. Petrol vehicles are one of the major reasons for air pollution in India. They emit carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and other matters which are not good for the environment. Keeping in mind, electric scooters can go to zero-emission also (charging through solar energy).
  4. Ride In Perfect Silence - India is noted as the noisiest country in the world with the maximum number of road accident deaths. Figures are alarming so why don't we opt for noise-free affordable electric scooters to make the experience pleasant, joyful, and safe.
  5. Enjoy High Performance - If we talk about the performance, the electric scooters provide instant torque delivery unmatched by the petrol bikes. Electric scooters are smoother, have more instant pull, much faster with seamless acceleration as compared to fuel driven ones. They are easier to  reverse in the city with narrow lanes and while  squeezing between the tighter  parking slots.

Undoubtedly, technology is getting advanced at a very fast pace and now consumers' needs are beyond riding. They need a 360-degree perspective even to choose their vehicle. A vehicle that offers a safe, reliable, eco-friendly, and pocket-saving ride is none other than an electric vehicle. With the current trend, the automobile market is loaded with sleek, stylish, and budget-friendly electric scooters to cater Indian roads and making the conveyance easier and faster. So, make your choice smarter, go electric!