Future of mobility with evolving electric scooters by Strikeco in India

  • October 25, 2022

Future of mobility with evolving electric scooters by Strikeco in India


The scenario of automobile industries is slowly changing and moving towards electric vehicles. The continuous hike in price of fuel and increased level of pollution are two main factors that incline the interest of Indians towards electric scooters. Strikeco is a rapidly growing brand offering technology upgraded e-scooters to its customers that are not inferior to conventional vehicles in any parameter. Moreover, they are nature-friendly and pocket friendly too. Strikeco electric scooters are designed with all the required features to keep them ahead in the race of future vehicles.



Strikeco is dealing with different variations of electric scooters, all built with advanced techniques and user-friendly design. Every piece from the basket of Strikeco is a masterpiece itself. But to be in the competition and keep our customers happy and updated, we get ourselves stepped up every day. Thus in this process of daily evolution, Strikeco has 4 variations of e-scooters till date.


Strikeco is playing a major role in the development of an eco-friendly society. Strikeco is working to bring a big change in the mobility industry by changing the mindset of people and making them aware of electric two-wheelers.



Know more about Strikeco e-scooters:

Strikeco is currently pampering its customers with the below-mentioned models of e-scooters:

  • Verv
  • Volt
  • Sprint E
  • Cresta


1. Verv:

With an elegant look and compact design, this model of e-scooter comes with appreciable features like a hydraulic absorber, three driving modes(Eco, City & Pro), advanced reverse assistance feature, LED headlight, alloy wheel and excellent ground clearance for a memorable driving experience.


Verv offers a mileage of 90-100km with the highest speed of 42km/h. Its battery can be removed to recharge it and fitted again smoothly by the user himself or herself.


With all the above features, Verv is a great choice if you are in search of an efficient driving partner.


2. Volt:

Volt is an economic version of electric scooter that stays light on the pocket and during driving also.

With a fashionable look, tubeless tires, illuminating turn signal, 250W motor and many more, Volt has all the attributes to be a future vehicle.


With Volt, there is an option to choose between Lithium-ion or Lead acid batteries whichever you find suitable.  Volt has a great mileage of 80+ km for an efficient ride.


In short, Volt is a budget-friendly e-scooter that fulfills your needs with minimal expenditure. 


3. Sprint E:

With a mileage of 75-80 km, Sprint is an economy-range product of Strikeco. Having features like automatic start/stop, parking mode for safe parking,  three gear modes (Eco, City & Pro) and reverse assistance feature makes it a perfect asset to impart you convenience and class.


Capacious under-seat storage, LED headlight, bright illuminated turn signals and sleek seat design are some of the smart features of Sprint E.  It comes in 3 different colours: blue, orange and red and is perfect to grab everyone's attention.


4. Cresta:

This one is the newest edition of the Strikeco e-scooter with all the latest technology and luxury.


Extraordinary mileage of 120 km in a single charge is the USP of Cresta, that convinces you to include it in your belongings.


Anti-theft lock, motor lock, smart cruise control, smart lock-unlock key, front storage slot and external charging socket are salient advanced characteristics of Cresta.


Ahead of this, a roomy boot space of 4.5L and a high load-bearing capacity of 200kg give this vehicle all the reasons to be a preference of customers.


Cresta is overall a today's and future generation vehicle undoubtedly.



Let's have a quick view on the major specifications of Strikeco e-scooters:




Model Name

Battery Type

Charging Time




Speed Selection


Lead acid

5-6 hours



250 Watt



Lead acid/ Lithium ion

6-8/5-6 hours

80+ km

Telescopic/ Hydraulic

250 Watt


Sprint E

Lead acid/ Lithium ion

5-6 hours

75-80 km


250 Watt



Lead acid/ Lithium ion

5-6 hours



1000 Watt



With this article, we hope you come to know about the smart features of Strikeco electric scooters manufactured by skilled labour and modern machineries to serve you proficiently and make you a proud clean energy user.