Reasons Why Electric Scooters Are the Future of Riding In 2022

  • June 25, 2022

Reasons Why Electric Scooters Are the Future of Riding In 2022


Electric scooters, the contemporary micro-mobility device, is gaining significant stardom and are in vogue amongst the new-age commuters around the globe. The offerings of easy and quick commutation and travel within the city give them an edge over other modes. The concept is revolutionizing everyday commutation and is gradually setting the transportation industry toward sustainability. It has transformed itself from a means of leisure to a significant player in the transportation sector.

But are electric scooters only experiencing the flare of vogue, or are they here to stay? Are electric scooters the future of riding? Factually, the studies are predicting a growth rate of 12.8% CAGR for the global electric scooter market. The growing demand for electric scooters certainly illustrates that they may turn into the preferable and liked mode of new-age commuters.

Further in the blog, let’s discuss why and how electric scooters are the future of riding in 2022.

  1. Benefits it offers over other transportation forms.
    The first-hand experience of driving electric two-wheelers justifies the benefits over the vintage modes. It produces barely any sounds in comparison to motorcycles, especially mopeds. You cannot hear any rumbling engine noises as their motors are very silent. There are nearly no/zero vibrations generated from the engine operations, making it less draining and more convenient to drive.
    Electric vehicles have lesser parts than those powered with fuel, making them lighter, agile, and easy to maneuver.
  2. Resolves the concerns of traveling the first and final mile.
    First and final mile, the distance between the point of start and the point of the end (nearest bus or metro train station). When such distances are short, commutation by cars and motorcycles seem very short and contrarily too long to walk. Electric scooters emerge as smart, quick, efficient, and lightweight modes of transportation resolving the problem and making short travels easy. It makes gliding across the city more complacent for the rider of everyone, a student or office worker.
  3. An affordable, convenient, and efficient means of commuting.
    The companies strive to offer convenient and affordable electric scooters for their commuters. These efficient transportations enable you to travel across the urban environments, bypassing the heavy congestion on the roads and preventing long waiting durations. The latest electric two-wheelers offer more safety, features, fast speeds, and advanced technology, making a rider's lifestyle simple yet stylish.
  4. Occupies lesser space in public.
    The e-scooters are the best means to ride around in areas/cities of dense population, where space becomes a valuable commodity, for they maximize the space efficiently. Their sleek dimensions and compact construction make it comfortable for riders to settle in/ occupy lesser space. De facto, having more e-scooters on roads than cars can remarkably control the on-road congestion.
    Moreover, it makes a perfect means of personal mobility for people living in small spaces/apartments. With a small vehicle to manage, it eliminates the requirements of owning/or arranging a separate garage/parking space for the electric scooters. With space becoming an issue in the future, e-scooters serve as the best space-saving solution.
  5. Eco-friendly and sustainable means of transportation.
    By opting for an electric vehicle, the riders enjoy the perks themselves plus contribute to a greener environment. The elimination of fuel utilization directly implies lesser creation and contribution to the ever-increasing figures of carbon footprints. It can significantly aid in levelling down the air pollution in highly dense cities. Moreover, their low/zero noise generation prevents noise pollution. Although the experts and public are still wondering about the environmental impact of electric scooters, they have proven to be a significant game-changer in the sustainable transportation sector.


The global commutation market has successfully commenced its journey towards micro-mobility. A journey kickstarting with the introduction and acceptance of electric two-wheelers. With its rising popularity, the legalized norms and regulations for managing micro-mobility transports will be effectuated pretty sooner. Resultantly enabling accelerated and directed production, advertisement, and utilization of electric scooters. Considering the say of studies, the global electric scooter market is expected to reach $644.5 billion by 2028, (source:

) Making micro-mobility a norm and electric scooters a staple in the streets of every city.