Seven reasons to say bye to fuel-operated vehicles and embrace EVs ASAP

  • September 23, 2022

As we are facing drastic transformations in nature, there is a need to modify our lifestyle, or luxuriousness and our leaning toward nature.

Nature completely depends on Newton's 3rd law and acts equally on our actions. We all know that we are the only reason behind all these natural calamities and only we can overcome this issue.

Now to play a positive role in the control of pollution, created by us, we have to cut off our dependency on fuels and will have to move towards electric vehicles.


Electric vehicle is  the smart alternative to fuel-based vehicles and now is the time to opt for electric scooters. With lots of benefits over the fuel-based vehicle, electric scooters are well supported by the government and a sparkling future for the automobile sector. 



7 perks of opting for an electric vehicle rather than a fuel-based vehicle


Here we are elaborating on the advantages of electric scooters that incline us towards them despite using conventional vehicles over a long period.


  • Lightweight & compact design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Offer more storage space
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Low insurance cost
  • Supported by the government
  • Perfect drive-in silence



  1.  Lightweight and compact design

Electric vehicles are designed in such a way that makes the vehicle attractive and comfortable. Being operated by battery, motor and controller only makes it lightweight, affordable and easy to ride.. the aerodynamic  design allows swift movement to and fro even at tight parking spots.


  1. Eco Friendly

Electric vehicles were purposely invented to overcome the lacunas of fuel-operated vehicles that require extensive use of natural resources or fossil fuels and ultimately result in  pollution. Strikeco btongs you the best electric scooters in M.P. Electric vehicles are known to have 17-30% low carbon emissions than fuel-operated vehicles. Switch to electric and overcome the guilt of using fuel-operated vehicles that are playing a prime role in causing pollution.




  1. Offer More Storage Space

As the electric vehicle consists of minimal functioning components, there is more storage space available under the seat and in the front section of the vehicle.


  1. Low Maintenance Cost

Less parts= Less maintenance. Electric vehicles are surely a smart choice that saves your pocket from the cost of fuel, coolant, & engine oil.  One can enjoy a comfortable, smooth ,and hitch free ride without maintenance for the longest time. Thus, helping you save money and save environment at the same time.


  1. Low Insurance Cost

In line with the insurance act and policy for vehicle insurance, there are around 10 to 15% fewer expenses on the insurance of electric scooters or electric vehicles as compared to fuel-based vehicles.


  1. Supported by the Government

The Government of India is continuously moving forward in adopting the policies regarding electric vehicles and implementing the new rules for the ease of citizens so that society accepts electric vehicles on a large scale. The Indian government is establishing several electric vehicles charging stations in different rural and urban cities and on the highways. According to a record, the government is targeting the development of more than 2000 charging stations inside the cities and more than 1000 charging stations on the highways. The Indian government has adopted the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME) scheme and the National Electric Mobility Mission Plan in the favour of electric vehicles. Along with the national government, different state governments are also working in the same direction to enhance the use of electric vehicles instead of petrol or diesel-based vehicles.


  1. Low Noise Operation

The electric scooter starts and runs with the zero noise production thus playing a role in eliminating the noise pollution.



This informative article regarding the benefits of electric bikes over fuel-based vehicles will help you to choose the economic, eco-friendly and elegant vehicle for you.

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