The Future of Electric Vehicles: How the Right Batteries Can Make a Difference

  • February 26, 2023

 The Future of Electric Vehicles: How the Right Batteries Can Make a Difference


The year 2023 is envisioned to be very promising for electric vehicles, all thanks to the rapid pace of innovation. You can see attractive designs running silently on the road with lucrative models, sleek designs, advanced technology, and fast charging. Additionally, the Eco-friendly and noise-pollution concepts have already accelerated EV adoption globally. Automobile stalwarts doing R&D at a faster pace and putting the best of techniques to be first in the competition. A competition of introducing the best EV models and boosting their adoption globally.


Nowadays, one can find electric vehicles as the future of the automobile industry with enormous features and advantages. Some of the highlights are eco-friendly, make no noise pollution, have no maintenance required, are budget-friendly, and help in saving on high-priced fuel. Additionally, the Indian government has launched several schemes and subsidies to promote EVs and make them more affordable and economical. So, where is the challenge in the future for mass acceptance? What factors can restrict the adoption of EVs at a huge?


The Future of Electric Vehicle: Challenges For The Evs Adoption at Mass:


Initially, one of the factors barriers to mass adoption is the battery efficiency and performance. The battery is the only mechanical part of EVs that boosts vehicle performance: it requires advanced technology and enhanced strategies. The right batteries can make a difference in the future of electric vehicles. Thus, enriched technology, cost, and charging infrastructure is the key to superior EV performance and affordability. 


Innovation in Battery Technology:


In the past decade, we have witnessed emerging battery technology at a faster pace with a price drop. Better technology with an affordable cost has helped increase the range of electric vehicles more accessible and equip more affordable models with superior ranges.  


Kenneth Bokor from EV Revolution show agrees with the fact and mentions “Battery technology will continue to improve with more energy density per space and less degradation over time. Combine with this faster charging like Ultra-Fast and beyond, and this will create a win for consumers, especially with cost-parity happening sometime this decade.”


Undoubtedly, battery performance is the key to experiencing the electric vehicle. If you are not choosing a high-quality battery, your experience with EVs can not be good, and the idea of saving money won’t work. The battery gives you experience from the driving range to charging time. Automobile industries are continuously starving to innovate new battery technology to meet the quality standard and enhance the consumers’ experience, which needs more power and testing. To test the battery performance, Standford developed a Machine Learning program that reduces battery testing time by up to 98%, before new battery technology testing takes months or years to test.


High-Quality Lead-Acid Batteries:


With technological advancement, you can find electric two-wheelers equipped with lithium-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries. The lead-acid batteries are based on new technology and are dense. You can find upcoming Sodium-ion batteries as an emerging technology with the features of safety, sustainability, promising cost, and performance.


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